Where can I park or drop-off my child?

During pick-up and drop-off times, the streets surrounding Black Forest Primary School experience a very high level of congestion. As a zoned school, most families live within a comfortable walking or cycling distance (1-2km) and we encourage this as the preferred method for getting to and from school. Black Forest is also located close to Tram Stop 6 and the Emerson and Clarence Park train stations. We have been participating in the SA Government Way2Go initiative since 2017 to improve safe and active transport to and from school.

Oban Avenue and Kertaweeta Avenue are the closest drop-off areas to Black Forest Primary School, with a “kiss-and-drop” on Oban Avenue. Please be aware that these areas experience a very high level of congestion at peak times. These areas are also regularly patrolled by City of Unley staff and SA Police for parking and driving infringements. A car park at 671 South Road is also available for school families.

Alternatively, you may wish to drop your child at Forest Avenue Reserve (the school oval) on Forest Avenue, and walk through the school to the main play area (Please be aware this area isn’t supervised until they reach the basketball courts) or to park in surrounding streets such as Addison Road, Forest Avenue, Maude Street or Pleasant Avenue and walk with your child a short distance to school.

My child rides a bike. Where do they park it?

There is a bike shelter area on the Western side of the school (adjacent to the school gymnasium) where your child can park their bike during the school day. This shelter is not caged, therefore students will need to bring a bike lock to ensure it remains safe.

What do we do if we’re running late in the morning or need to pick up my child early?
In either circumstance, please proceed to the Front Office where the Front Office staff will sign in your child, or contact your child for collection. If you are visiting the school outside of normal pick-up or drop-off times, for safety reasons, please ensure you always sign-in through the Front Office.
My child is sick, or we’re going away. Who do I tell?
Please contact the Front Office on 8293 1204 and leave a message, or alternatively email your child’s class teacher. The school phone has a message bank when the office is closed. If you are planning a holiday or you plan for your child to be away for an extended period, please contact the Front Office to apply for a formal exemption.
What do I do if my child forgot their lunch or I need to communicate with them during the day?
Please contact the Front Office on 8293 1204 if you have an urgent message for your child, or drop off lunch at the Front Office. While we endeavour to pass on all messages, please be aware that due to the complexity of the school day this cannot always be guaranteed after 2.00pm.
I’m running late to pick up my child, what do I do?
If possible, please contact the Front Office on 8293 1204. The main play area, including Junior Primary playground and basketball courts, are supervised by staff until 3.25pm, after which uncollected students are escorted to the Front Office for collection. Students who are not picked up by 3.30pm may be referred to Out-of-School-Hours Care (OSHC) and the family charged for their child’s time in care.
It’s too hot/wet/stormy today! Will my child be sent out to play?
School administration staff monitor the weather conditions throughout the day. If the temperature is above 37 degrees Celsius, then lunch play is held inside. All outdoor activities are cancelled when the temperature is above 35. Swimming events may go ahead in certain circumstances. In wet or stormy weather, play is held inside and play areas deemed high risk due to weather conditions are closed.
Can my child visit the school library before and after school?

Yes! The Library is open for student use from 8.30-8.50am, and 3.10-3.30pm.

When are Pupil Free Days, School Closures or Early Dismissals held?
Pupil Free Days, held for staff training and development, are typically held four times a year, and school closure days are held once a year. Students do not attend school on these days. These dates are determined by the Governing Council early each year, but are subject to change. Students are dismissed one hour early (2.10pm) on the last day of each term.
Do we offer Vacation Care?
The Black Forest Primary School Out-of-School-Hours Care (OSHC) service offers Vacation Care during school holidays, as well as on Pupil Free Days, School Closures and before and after school. Please visit the OSHC page for more information.
How many reports will my child receive each year?

You will receive a formal academic report twice a year, one at the end of Term 2 and another at the end of Term 4. You will also be invited to participate in a Parent-Teacher interview in Term 1 to discuss your child’s progress. For more information about communicating with your class teacher about your child’s learning and development, please visit our “Communication” page.

When will Out of Zone applications be processed?

Out of Zone Applications will be assessed and offerings made at the start of August.

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