Our School Values

At Black Forest Primary School we live by a set of values chosen by our students and our school community. On a daily basis we are sharing common language with our students around how we want to act and participate in our learning and the standards that we all need to live by. The five values that encompass our set of standards are:


We believe that every person at Black Forest needs to be Respectful.  We need to respect ourselves, others, our school and the land that we meet on.


Responsibility means knowing your role at Black Forest Primary School.  We all have a responsibilities to work through each day, and we strive to fulfill those effectively.


Working effectively with others is something we strive to instill in our students at Black Forest Prtimary School. To be a successful learner in the 21st century needs more than just academic skills, but effective social and collaborative skills, therefore we place a high importance on building and maintaining working relationships with everyone.


To be creative in the 21st century is also another incredibly important skill.  We want students to freely express their learning in a creative way and feel confident to express their ideas, thoughts and beliefs on a regular basis.


Effort is something we place a high value on at Black Forest Primary School. Our reports not only reflect academic achievement, but effort and the endeavour students are showing. We instill the idea every day that hard work, attitude and commitment to a task will always bring positive outcomes.


Our ‘Values Education’ happens in each class at the start of each year at school as a foundation for the year ahead. Students run through scenarios and engage in learning to solidify the way we want the Black Forest Primary School community to carry themselves.

We consistently review our values with the students and the school community to ensure they are up to date and remain relevant for our school.  We are currently consulting our students around the five values.

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